Projekt STINKA / Alpha Strategy
October 15, 2011
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Muck (Čeština) n. the sound of a kiss.
Muck (English) n. mud; filth.

Featuring Projekt STINKA (Hana Lundiaková, Czech Republic) and Alpha Strategy (Rory Hinchey, Canada), the Muck EP split offers singular, off-kilter pop from the new projects of these two varied artists.


Hana Lundiaková's graceful accordion playing and deep, unrestrained vocals in her native Czech provide the foundations for a perfectly realized pair of folk-inspired, yet pop-flavored songs.

Having busied herself for over 10 years playing accordion in diverse Czech punk outfits such as Redbeard, Tři sestry, and Treněr Norủ, along with keyboards in experimental group Kaspar von Urbach, STINKA is Lundiaková's first project under her own direction. Here, she is joined by Martin Černý (Redbeard) who lends his production talents, bass and guitar work, all with a definite Morricone-esque flair.

In a 2011 interview with novinky.cz, Lundiaková spoke of her photography, claiming, "I'm interested in movement, shouting, crying, laughing, just emotion." Undoubtedly, her sentiments could also apply to Projekt STINKA's music on this record. "Nosohltan" proceeds at something of a playful-meets-manic pace, with lyrics addressing the unlikely topic of nose-whistling. "Okřǐžky" remains the more subdued of the two selections but without losing any of the passion, as it evokes a glow of nostalgia further expounded upon in her hand-held camera video for the song.

Author of the critically acclaimed experimental prose collection Vrhnout (2010), journalist, editor, mother, and visual artist, Hana Lundiaková continues forward with a chaotic production schedule. Current activities include a forthcoming body of her erotic literature, an illustrated children's book, and further live performances in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Utilizing a combination of primitive oscillating circuits, vintage synthesizers, shouted vocals, and loops lifted from 1960s schlager, Alpha Strategy delivers music which is volatile and convulsive, yet meticulously arranged. Rory Hinchey's work using this new moniker is a distinct departure from previous output under his own name, trading in the melancholic/atmospheric approach on Shape Is Nature (2010) for Alpha Strategy's disparate and crazed elements united through pop structure.

On "Append and Divide" voice and electronic circuitry provide accompaniment to recycled drums and choppy synth lines, while the following selection, "O Tar Pilous Devout" is driven by resonant low-end pulsations and circuit bending which rests beneath barked lyrics. These two songs see Alpha Strategy tip a hat to the frantic energy of Patrick Miller's Minimal Man, the unusual compositional directions found on the early singles of SPK, and the dark humor conveyed in the recordings of The Birthday Party.

In conjunction with the music found on Muck, further Alpha Strategy material will be released to coincide with the Zack Kouns/Alpha Strategy 2012 winter European tour. The Consequences of a Dynamic Lifestyle brings their solo performances to 30 countries in approximately 40 days.

This split serves as a precursor to forthcoming full-lengths from each of the artists, and is a monument to the relationship between them. Hand-illustrated artwork by Graham Lambkin (Kye Records, The Shadow Ring, Tart) OWN-13 is a limited run package containing both the vinyl 12 EP and a download code for 320KB/S .MP3 files.

Track listing:

01. Nosohltan (2:31)
02. Okřǐžky (3:00)

01. Append and Divide (2:57)
02. O Tar Pilous Devout (2:09)