Rory Hinchey / The Collection of the Late Howell Bend
Shape is Nature/Long Fields
October 08, 2010
12" Vinyl LP & Mp3: (Out of print)

Track listing:

Rory Hinchey - Shape Is Nature
01. Shape Is Nature (3:48)
02. By Means of the Third (4:32)
03. Objective (mk II) (4:07)
04. All is as Nothing (2:44)
05. The Listener (4:31)
06. Thank You, Ahead of Time (2:50)

The Collection of The Late Howell Bend - Long Fields
01. Flight of the Unsuspecting Lark (2:17)
02. Dominated by Splendor (3:25)
03. Hand In Question (2:25)
04. Pheasants be Forewarned (3:45)
05. Long Fields (3:09)

Praise for Shape Is Nature/Long Fields:

"a nicely cohesive record of modern instrumental music."
- Ian Earbleed, Ear Bleed

"What Rory Hinchey's “Shape Is Nature” sounds like: Detached and off-kilter alien folk arrangements slowed down and stripped of absolutely everything but the essence, the impression of whatever innate instinct is there that one has to make music without conventions or pretension. “Long Fields” by The Collection of the Late Howell Bend... is all instrumental, and piano gallops along with violin and organ, it makes for a good contrast to [Beasts for While]... “Long Fields” is also excellent, perhaps a rebuilding process to where “Shape Is Nature” leaves it."
- Arvo Fingers, WLUW 88.7 FM / Roctober

"With “Long Fields”... the wooziness and school piano [are] still intact as they kick of with the wonderfully named “Flight of the Unsuspecting Lark”. Lighter in texture than their 10” release, the songs also feature the violin of Alison Corbett, the tunes having a jauntier feel, that is until the title track, which ends a splendid selection with a dark rumble and drone. ...with “Shape is Nature” Rory Hinchey, a man who plays organ, wine glasses, electronics and tones, blend[s] these sounds together to create six distant and delicate drones, each perfectly formed and sufficiently different from one another to hold the listeners interest throughout. "
- Stephen Palmer, Terrascope Online

"[Shape Is Nature is] a fantastic, beautiful, and well sequenced side of music that doesn't sound like anything else I've heard recently... Long Fields... is four pieces of chamber / ZNR / Satie styled music... Irene's sort of stumbling piano leads the parade and Rory and Alison follow along making both this side and the LP as a whole a tribute to other ways of making experimental music that do not involve 'noise'."
- Scott Foust, Swill Radio

"In [Hinchey's] (also only instrumental) formation is also something slightly active in the compositions found in the Collection: spasticity and violence, as if the magnificent paintings reflected the worst things that ever happened to mankind."
- jan k!amm, HIS Voice