Collection of the Late Howell Bend
Beasts For While
October 08, 2010
11" Vinyl LP & Mp3:$15.00
S&H $4.00 US/CAN or $6.00 International
Digital Download Available: $8.00
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Irene Moon, Krysten Davis and Chantelle Dorsey bring you the first full-length vinyl effort from The Collection of the Late Howell Bend. Beasts For While blends bizarre vocal work with an assortment of synths for a uniquely harrowing effect. It's music from cool, moist places. Artwork by Matt Minter (Wretched Worst).

Track listing:
01. Ruby In the Dust (8:16)
02. Dominated By Splendor (5:23)
03. Haha (9:01)
04. Neenawwww (4:55)

Praise for Beasts For While:

"Longform, thoroughly haunted, bewitched chamber creepers for synth, piano and voice... This is a supreme downer, and it curls up against the edges of the kind of stuff I don’t really wanna hear (Pocahaunted, Coco Rosie), but keeps the séance going with nothing but determination to raise a demon out of bare Earth. I love how these four songs walk right up to the line, though. Bugged out and horrifying release here."
- Doug Mosurock, Still Single/Dusted

"Perhaps the more I listen to this album, the more places I will be transported to. Perhaps not, but that's not going to stop me from trying because the moment you lift the needle from the silent locked groove, you'll just want to flip the record and start it all over again."
- Brandon Greter, Olive Music

"A coven of weird witchy women drinking wine and frying in the hot Florida sun, then going inside to a dark, damp basement to tinker on keyboards and chant strange little ditties. A strange & dark record that takes a few listens to wrap your head around. Plus some great Matt Minter art on the cover."
- Ian Earbleed, Ear Bleed

"...opener “Ruby in the Dust”, is a moody slice of drone/electronics with almost chanted vocals and a dark heart at its centre. With the sound of a school piano weaved through it “Dominated by Splendour” is another slice of woozy strangeness, best heard in the light of a single candle, the vocals spoken as a spell, casting a weird magic over the room. Over on the other side, “Ha Ha” ensures the magic remains, being a drunken psychedelic stumble that is both understated and excellent, filled with hypnotic power. Almost a long slow fadeout, “Neenawww” is ambient and delicate, relying on the piano the hold it together with Eno-esque minimalism."
- Stephen Palmer, Terrascope Online

"The songs are based on very simple themes, keyboard instruments, which are gradually subtly envelop both organic and synthetic sound matter."
- jan k!amm, HIS Voice