Started in 2005 by Rory Hinchey, Ownness releases unusual music in hard-format/.MP3 combo packages, and carries out additional non-release activities.

The mandate "Progress Through Indifference" was inspired by Max Stirner, and relates to the lack of concern for musical conventions exhibited in the recordings Ownness releases. Nevertheless, the selections on the records still retain their own singular forms of composition and structure.

Please direct all queries, including interview and booking requests related to artists on the Ownness label, to:


Orders and sales:

All orders are sent by Canadian air mail one day after receipt of payment.

3 item sale: $40.00 gets you any three Ownness releases, and covers the shipping to any location in the world. Save up to $23.00! Upon purchasing, please email Ownness with details concerning which releases you would like to obtain through this offer.